Friday, January 16, 2009

Weekly Round-Up

I am sitting at my desk in my cozy home office thinking about where I've been in the world (metaphysically), where I'm at in the world and where I'm going in the world. This is something I pretty much do 24/7, or at least I should say consider 24/7. My place in the world and what I can do to improve is always floating around somewhere in my cranium. And that made me think it might be fun/useful/possibly entertaining if I dedicated one day a week to shed some light on what I'm doing and what's really going on inside my head. Hmmm - I wonder if there should be a warning label attached to this.

So, here I am, behind my desk, eating a peanut butter and jam sandwich on completely unwholesome white bread (is there any other way to have it?) and drinking decaf coffee. I figured Friday would be a could day and started thinking of titles but then realized that wouldn't work because there will probably be an "honor post" showing up on a Friday sooner or later. I checked the calendar and sure enough that would be next Friday when I will be remembering one of the greatest guitarist who ever lived...and unfortunately died...way too young.

Okay, so this is going to be a sort of weekly round-up that will appear either on a Friday or Saturday or maybe Sunday, and will hopefully morph into something that has some sort of structure where I will impart anything and everything personal to me that you may or may not give a shit about. But, hey, it's my blog and last time I checked the constitution there was still that thing called "freedom of speech." And of course, there will be a photograph.

As a matter of fact, I think I'll start with that, so you can get to know me a little better.

Before I saw the picture, I thought my desk was pretty neat. Ooops. This weekly round-up thing may be more revealing than expected or wanted. Okay, we're going to play what's on the desk. Feel free to start by clicking on the photo so you can see it bigger and then make a list of each numbered item, guessing what it is and then you can read my list and see how many you got right. (This is going to be the end of my readership - I'm now wondering why I am tanking my own blog...oh well)

1. The plate that held the pb&j sandwich which is now residing in my belly. Yum.
2. My decaf coffee - still drinking it.
3. My Wacom tablet - very helpful for working with photos and graphics.
4. tapes that contain footage of a very cool project I'm working on that I can't talk about yet.
5. My Tivo remote - yes, I have the TV on in the background for company but pay almost no attention to.
6. My groovy new MacBook Pro thanks to the continued support of (consider that a shout-out, dude).
7. Where my ass is right now.
8. This morning's empty O.J. glass.
9. My portable video camera that I'm using for B-roll on #4.
10. Obama water - seriously. They're selling it at 7-11 for a buck-fifty-nine. It tastes optimistic.
11. My in/out trays that I recently put there in an effort to organize my office - still working on the organization part which is a story in itself.
12. My very amazing Nikon D300 - the very camera that took the pics, the New Year pics and the camera that saved me from barfing when I took the shots of Jaimie's brain surgery wound being undressed.
13. the Apple bag I cover my new computer with before I put it in my Incase when I take it out for a spin. My computer is so new they haven't made the hardshells for it.
14. Yesterday's mail - I guess I should move that to the inbox tray.
15. Netflix DVD. Danny Boyle's Sunshine. I'll watch it sometime this weekend. Along with North by that movie. Last night I watched This Film Is Not Yet Rated which was nothing new to me but was cool and very revealing. I recommend it.
16. The little wallet that carries my DL and credit cards (which I no longer use unless it's an emergency).
17. A DVD of a graphic client's movie that I did artwork for. I'm expanding my business to do movie trailers so I'm going to have my editor (Tyler) do a mock trailer of it as a sample. I need to give it to him.
18. A plush toy of the Cheshire Cat that is now tailless because I gave it up to .
19. A portable file box with current jobs and stuff I need to deal with such as accounting and filing.
20. My gold star paperweight that I've had since 1979 when I finished my first book .
21. Business cards and an escaped DVD mini tape.
22. Pen/pencil cup.
23. An Oriental lamp that I inherited from my mother's Palm Springs condo when I was charged with moving her stuff out while she was in S.A., circa late eighties.
24. An ashtray from that same condo. It contains matches (for candles and barbecue lighting as I don't smoke and some of my recent fortune cookie fortunes...let's see..."You will continue to take chances and be glad you did" - first part is true, while the last part remains to be seen..."Your luck will soon be at a high point" - hope this isn't it..."An enjoyable vacation is awaiting you" - more like hiding from me.
25. One of those rock coasters with two heads-up quarters on it.
26. Two external hard drives - there's a third that is currently on my dining room table.
27. My scanner that most recently scanned the backstage shot of . More to come from that baby.
28. Stapler.
29. A John Wayne coaster that unlike the rock one is absorbent.
30. Earbuds for my iPhone which you can't see because it was taking the pictures. The earbuds are now in my ears because I just finished talking to Jaimie.
31. A very cool Nixon watch that I stole from Tyler.
32. DVDs that I need to check what's on 'em.
33. A hair clippy.
34. A piece of paper with one note on it that I have just recylced. Nevermind, it had some notes on the back about money Tyler owes me.
35. A blank CD.
36. There are two 36s, both a crumpled paper towels.
37. Mini post-it pad.
38. Bookcase.
39. Hard drive case chillin' on the floor.
40. Printer with some large format paper.

Whaddya think? TMI? Not exactly what I intended to post. So much for the round-up other than the couple of things that I threw in the list.

And now I am way out of time. It's almost 4pm and I've really been slack today. I didn't wake up until 10am today 'cause I worked late last night. Then I ended up procrastinating over at (how cool is that Obama photo?) after she tipped me off to my bad link. Thanks for that. And somewhere in there I managed an hour-long meeting that could actually be considered as productive.

Yup, I'm going to do more round-up stuff tomorrow because there are things going on here that I can't really talk about but I'm dying to tell you...sort of.


Steve B said...

Well that was interesting. I got 24 out of 41(you forgot the pen). I shouldn't second guess myself. Believe me, that is fairly neat, just a little, um...spread out. Mine is worse on a regular basis. And yes, North by Northwest is a great movie!

The Comeback Girl said...

Thanks for the inlink What a cool book and a cool title.

i just bought it on amazon..i cant wait to read it.

Chesher Cat said...

And I can't wait to hear what you think of it!

Thank you.