Thursday, September 03, 2009


Wow. Me tired. My head is beyond full. But in an invigorating way.

This week I went back to school. So far I have attended the first class in each of three classes I'm registered in. I am also planning to attend a fourth class on Saturday that I hope to add. That is 12 units of college classes people. As in, I will be a full time student. I must be crazy.

So far I love all the classes. They each meet once a week. But they're long. Tonight's class runs 4 hours and 15 minutes. And there is homework. And lots of project work. And exams. With scantrons. Yikes. What have I got myself into?

The whole thing started out with wanting to have a student ID card so I could purchase some abhorrently expensive budgeting software that I need for my movie at the much much cheaper student price. But then I started checking out the catalogue...hmmm, that class looks, that sounds like a cool production class that will make me a better producer...hey, a Photoshop class that will teach me how to use it in editing and do 3D.

Then at the wedding party I shot this picture of my friend, Max...

...and noticed how my still photography is looking an awful lot like frames from a movie. And I showed it to Tyler and he said it looked like it could be from a Michael Mann movie. And the little brain starts thinking, "I write pretty stories...maybe I should direct something someday." Watch out people...when my teensy weensy brain starts thinking like that things start to happen. That's the way it happened with Starart. And that's the way it happened with Everybody I Shot Is Dead.

I have to make a one minute film in the production class I'm we'll see if I love the process and where I take it from there. I'm not making the full commitment to become an all-in-one filmmaker (writing/directing/editing)...nothing past a couple of semesters of classes for now - yes, they are teaching a Final Cut Pro editing class next semester that I definitely want to take. But I have to admit, the three classes I have taken so far this week have me really jazzed.

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