Sunday, September 20, 2009

Joe Walsh

Not dead. Thankfully.

Wait...maybe I should check the online death list and confirm.

Phew. We're good.

I shot Joe Walsh during his So What tour. Titling his album So What fell right into my attitude space. So much so that I was happy to get a So What sticker and display it on the dashboard of my column shift '66 Chevy II. This shot even made it into Everybody I Shot Is Dead, so I guess in a one degree of separation way, Joe Walsh is in my book...

I didn't know it at the time, but Joe Walsh lost his three year old daughter in a car accident on her way to nursery almost exactly a year before these pictures were taken. I can't even imagine how he got through that.

This is my favorite of the roll...

Of course, there had to be a couple of frames on the end of the Joe Walsh roll portraying I guy who's name and place in my life I don't remember. If only I had a photographic memory. I look at so many of my one-off pictures where I have a familiarity of the subject but just can't remember the details.

What I figured out...this was taken in my Vancouver apartment on Spruce St. It took me a few seconds...I have no recognition of the bed covering but I did recognize the concrete block shelf set-up in the background. And on a second look I recognized my pile of mounted pictures. I still have those. I think I should recreate that part of the picture sometime. On third look, I see he's holding a roll of my film.

My hazy memory is telling me that he was working for Joe Walsh and maybe with the Eagles at some point but I could be completely wrong. I really hope I didn't do one of those, "Come over and see my etchings" things (yikes). Anyone know who he is?

If you see this, my apologies for not remembering your name. I'll blame it on the bout of spinal meningitis I had a few months after we met.

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