Sunday, September 13, 2009

Photoshop Class 2

Yesterday was my second Photoshop class. It feels kind of weird taking a Photoshop class when I've been using it (and making a living off it) pretty much since Photoshop 1 came out.

But it's good that I'm taking a class - even going over some of the basics before we get into the Photoshop for Film and Video part of the class - because I initially learned the program as I went along...guerrilla-style. Only picking up the things I thought I needed to know.

Last week we worked on a composite piece requiring three elements. I did two of them because I had extra time and I posted both last week:

Little did I know at that time that we were going to continue with the exercise and that it would become our first project we have to hand in next class. The assignment was to continue by adding another 27 layers to create a 30-layer composite piece. I started by combining the two I did the first week and moving on from there. I did some of it in our lab time yesterday and then spent all of last night (until 11) finishing it off. Here is the result...
Click on it to see the details. It's not often that I actually play in Photoshop...usually I'm working on a movie poster or retouching photos. I'm wondering if they should have let me out of my box. I apologize to Mick Fleetwood in advance for the snakes. Oh, and that's me popping out of his ear.

Feel free to give my "art" a grade.

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