Friday, September 11, 2009


It's Friday evening. I've been crunching numbers all day. Literally. But I think I'm done for the moment. Until I get more information. Or things change.

I haven't had time to go into the box and pull out any of my old pictures. I have a lot of work piled up. A couple of key art jobs that I need to finish up over the next week. Tons of reading to do for school. And then there's that thing I haven't done in a while...homework.

Tonight I have some thoughts to share. Random stuff. Things that are cool...well, one thing that was cool today...the sonic boom created by the space shuttle landing. I had no idea the space shuttle was even in space. So, when I heard the double boom it really freaked me. I thought someone was coming up through the floor. It was a better rush than an earthquake.

Another cool thing that I witnessed the other night... I was taking the Pumpkin for her last walk of the night. Peacefully walking on the sidewalk across the street. When, suddenly, two cars that were side by side in two lanes flew by me going at least 80 mph. That freaked me in a not good way. I always hate it when I witness idiot drivers and can't do anything about it. Those are the times I wish I was a cop. Or wish I could have caught the plate numbers so I could call the cops. Or wish a cop was nearby. There's never a cop around when you need one, right?

As soon as all those little thoughts ran through my brain, another car whizzed by. Shit. What's with all the idiot drivers in the neighborhood? Shit again. That was a cop car. With no lights. No siren. Ah ha...he's planning to catch those assholes at the red light a couple of blocks up. Yup, as soon as he got up behind them, on went the flashing lights and the assholes had nowhere to go. I believe I actually laughed out loud. Justice, for once.

And as if that wasn't enough excitement, I'm taking the Pumpkin for her first walk of the very next day and see a cop car and two fire trucks wail up the street to a fresh accident.

My question... why is there always a fat housefrau in a tattered moo-moo dress on the sidewalk at every accident?...just standing there...gawking. Is she the real Mr. Death trying to grab another soul? I swear I always see her.

Another thing I came across yesterday...

Please explain to me why someone uses a specialized biodegradable poop bag (just like the ones I use) to pick up their dog's poop...then ties said poop bag...and then tosses it on the sidewalk? Why not do what 90% of dog owners do and not bother to pick up the poop at all? Hello? The point is to bag the poop and drop it in a trash receptacle. Sheesh.

I have no more thoughts. Not a one. Except, have a good rest of your Friday.

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