Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Seventies

Got home late and in an effort to wing a post I looked through my concert photography folder that's on my external hard drive which just happened to be plugged in to my computer. Most of the stuff I have posted from in the past. Except Van Morrison. All that was in the file was the neg strips scanned into contact sheets. Ugh. No time (or energy) to scan anything new tonight. And as I looked through the pictures I realized they pretty much suck ( it was one of my very early shows - I was obviously still honing ;-) my craft )...except the backstage stuff where I got Van to perform for my camera. If you have Everybody I Shot Is Dead you can see one of those pictures in my dedication to WB record rep Mark Wilson.

Then I found this shot taken just before the show started.

I immediately knew it was my post. I love it. The angle, the mixing board, the girl looking in the camera with her thumb up, the guy to her right, the crowd on the upper tier...

...everything about this photo IS the mid-seventies.

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