Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Blood, Sweat & Tears

After yesterday's post and since I've been shedding a few of all three, I thought it was appropriate to open up the BST files.

But if I'm going to be completely honest, I figured it would be the easiest and fastest post, being that I only have four negative strips on the band. Well, that didn't really work out the way I planned. What I didn't realize was that two of those strips are backstage shots of the band. Not only backstage...outside the building at night night shots with no flash. What was I thinking.

And having a shot of the whole band, I thought I should try and figure out exactly which configuration of BST I had captured. And then I wandered around the internet tying to match names to pictures until a couple of hours passed. So much for the quick post theory.

I think I shot this configuration of the band:

David Clayton-Thomas - vocals
Bobby Colomby - drums
Dave Bargeron - trombone/tuba/trumpet
Georg Wadenius - guitar
Ron McClure - bass
Larry Willis - keyboards
Jerry Fisher - vocals
Tony Klatka - trumpet
Bill Tillman - sax/flute/clarinet
Joe Giorgianni - trumpet/flugelhorn

I know the middle three in the band photo are Bobby Colomby, David Clayton-Thomas and Jerry Fisher. I also know their are 10 names and only 9 guys in the picture (didn't they know there should only be four or five guys in a band?) so one wasn't there.

The photo is soooo bad I don't think their own mothers would recognize them.

But I do know this is a pretty good picture of the smokin' hot Bobby Colomby...

And then of course it took another 20 minutes to figure out why I couldn't upload the post, nor save it. I kept getting an error message. I finally cut and pasted each bit into a new window and saved as I went along. Turned out you can't have an "&" in the post's labels...the last thing that I did. Sheesh.

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