Saturday, September 26, 2009

What Was I Thinking?

Dateline Wednesday:

Got this paper in class. It's actually a legal-size page so the list goes on and covers the whole back too. Have to complete filling out the whole thing (both sides) by a week this Wednesday. I started it this past Wednesday and have worked on it every day since. We have to make the notes on this original paper and in the non-space provided. Feels like I'm writing the Lord's Prayer on a pinhead. Torture. What was I thinking?

Dateline Friday:

I found this very valid check card on the sidewalk while I was walking Pumpkin. I picked it up and without a second thought dialed the phone number on the back to report it. (Yeah, I'm one of those losers that believe in good deeds and karma.) It took about ten minutes to get through the automated robot voices to a real person and was then told she had to transfer me to another department because she could only do credit cards. After the transfer and another 10 minutes of robot voices, I got disconnected. I actually took the time to call again and spend even more time to get it done.

The rest of my day didn't get any better. Fuck karma. I should have gone out and let B of A buy my groceries for the week. What was I thinking?

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Dorn said...

Kudos for trying to do the right thing. Honestly, had you gotten through to the proper folks, they would have accused you of stealing this person's identity. Good Samaritans are no longer appreciated. Suspicion has led way to "guilty until proven innocent" as a foundation for our society. Keep trying. Karma may be waiting for you to accumulate enough funds to buy a yacht...or at least have someone else truly bail you out of a fix when you see no hope.