Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Almost Forgot write a post.

So, here I am. At my desk. In my office. With nothing. Again.

I can't even imagine what photograph to throw up here. I took some pics of a spider outside the house a few days ago but they didn't turn out. It was night and he/she/it was pretty flimsy looking...not one of those multi-colored fat-bodied jobs that normally takes up residence in a never-empty cookie jar.

Speaking of cookie jars...

I made these. From scratch. Tonight. Ate dough. Had sugar high. Had sugar crash. Ate warm cookie. Yum.

I can make cookies. And then I can take a picture of them. And put it on my blog. And call it a post.

So, do you want to see the best of the worst spidey photos? Since they're the best of the worst, it's quite possible that Tyler took some of them. We traded off. The pictures looked much better on the back screen of the camera than when I downloaded them and saw them on my computer screen.

Anyway, enough excuses...actually, no are the spidey pictures...

In a side note...or should I say a bottom note?...the fire in Santa Barbara is a-hella-ugly. The winds are whipping around my house so I can only imagine how bad it is in SB. A lot of people are losing their homes. Three firemen are down the street from me in serious condition at the Sherman Oaks Burn Center. They're reporting 0% containment on the 11 o'clock news. Very sad all the way around.

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