Monday, May 18, 2009

Road Trip Diary Day 7

I'm posting Day 7 but it's actually Day 11. Crap. I thought it was Day 10. Oh well. I expect I'll be able to post a couple of days in a day or two and completely finish it up when I have a few days to myself in Mill Valley starting this Friday. If you are my Facebook friend you can pretty well tell where I am and maybe I'll post something on Twitter when I finish this post.

Okay. Day 7. Still in Calgary. Since I finally got my big camera I stopped taking iPhone pics :-( for a couple of days. And Day 7 may have been one of them. It was another day of movie biz meetings. I was blown away by some people that I thought lived in Calgary but it turned out they took the three hour drive from Edmonton to meet me. Not only meet me, but take me to lunch. To a restaurant I hadn't heard of. And when I mentioned it to the family I got the "*gasp* really?" response. Yes, it was a really really nice restaurant. French. And elegant. And the waiter spoke French. However, his French accent on his English was laid on a little thick.

The food was fabulous...I started with a small salad that had many types of lettuce wrapped by a long thin slice of cucumber, like the bacon on a filet mignon...then a grilled chicken breast with a formage bleu glaze (although they called it a blue cheese glaze)...and for dessert, creme brulee - possibly the best I've ever had. So, thanks for all that Doug and Lourette.

They also came prepared with information and lists that a PM would have made from my script. To the point that they listed animals, including chickens. I thought they made a mistake. I didn't remember writing any chickens into my story. Especially one that gets its head cut off. Doug pulled out the script and quickly opened to a page and showed me what I wrote. There it was...chickens. Sheesh. I was impressed. With them, not me.

I had my last Calgary meeting later that day. Another fun one. Turned out I had created a poster for one of their movies a few years back. Co-inky-dink to say the least. I felt a little more relaxed once all the meetings were taken care of and, even though I had the ridiculously great lunch, I was ready for my all-time favorite dish at my favorite Chinese restaurant. It's almond chicken made in a special way that I have not found in any other Chinese restaurant in the known world.

We got home from dinner around ten and I had to pack and do a load of laundry as I had two last minute things to take care of in the morning before we had by 11am for a very important party.

I seriously thought I took a picture of my almond chicken at the Silver Dragon, but alas, I didn't. You're going to have to settle for a shot I took of the Penis of the Prairies...

Miles traveled: maybe 15...we drove around and took a bunch of pictures for the movie

Hours in car: 1.5 hours

Went to sleep: 1am


Steve B said...

"Oh, the places you'll go!!"

Anonymous said...

Yea Silver Dragon --

ghostrider said...

Extraneous comment -

I thought your blog was called "Everybody is hot is dead." But it's not. Even so, I like it.

Got here by way of your BOC posts from 2006. Keep up the good work please.

Chesher Cat said...

Hey your comment as I often read it the same way.

Thanks for expanding your reading beyond the BOC posts.

I look forward to hearing more from you.