Sunday, May 17, 2009

Road Trip Diary Day 6

Wow...I took a ton of pictures on Day 6 but none that are for blog entertainment purposes. There are two main reasons why I embarked on this road trip. The main reason you'll find out on Day 8. The second reason began intensely on Day 6. First on the agenda, a 2 hour movie biz meeting at 9:30am which felt more like 7. Once that was done I had to go to FedEx in hopes of picking up a package that was sent to me from L.A. but hadn't been delivered to the house where I was staying.

And just what was in the package? My video and still cameras that I had forgotten to load in the car as I rushed out the door to get on the road. And just why wouldn't they deliver them to the house? Well, the value on the package was too high to make the delivery without someone to clear it personally. So, what did FedEx do? They called my office number in L.A. and left a message instead of calling the delivery number which happened to be my cell number.

I had to get the customs papers from FedEx and drive to the Canadian Customs office. Tell them the package contained what was described on the airbill - personal cameras forgotten in L.A. - so they could stamp the paper. I then took the paper back to FedEx where they released the package to me. Nifty. Do I really want to think about shooting a movie in Canada if it's this much hassle just to get my personal cameras through customs?

Cameras in hand, I raced back to town for another meeting, this time 2 and a half hours and then set out to take those pictures that will mean nothing to you...ike this one:

And this one:

This one at least shows you the city I was in:

Miles traveled: 10

Hours in car: 1

Went to sleep: Not early enough.

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