Friday, May 01, 2009

Oh No

Fuck. It's already tomorrow. And I didn't post yesterday.

Wait. Since I haven't been to sleep yet, technically it's still today. Right?

So, unless I bore myself to death (I mean sleep) with these words - which is entirely possible - I'm still good. Plus I can set the clock back so it records as yesterday*...or as I like to call it, today.

Been a bit of a crazy week. The clock is ticking down to Cannes. Which means I'm busy doing work. The kind of work I actually get paid for. Although this year is about 20% of last year so I am here to confirm, yes, there is a recession.

I'm ever so late with my post because I worked all day long then had an 8pm dinner meeting with my director and didn't get back from until after midnight. Met a famous actress (who has a combined 176 IMDB credits for film, tv and producing) at the restaurant. My director was talking to her when we came in. Of course I didn't recognize her - I rarely recognize anyone. But she was super nice and down-to-earth. The director did the 'this is...' saying my name and the actress, with no airs about her, extended her hand and did the 'hi, I'm...' saying her first and last name even though I would have known who she was on the first name. I was impressed.

Shit...I should have played tacky tourist and taken a stealth iphone photo of her so I'd have something for my photo of the day. Oh no, no photo.

Can't have that. Here's something I just snapped of Tyler. He's been sitting on my floor yakking at me while I've been trying to get this damn post finished...

Post finished. Good night.

*FYI...I cheated. This was actually posted on May 2 @ 2:39AM
. Is it still cheating if I cop to it?

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Steve B said...

Well, Tyler appears floored by your effort, so that right there should earn ya a pass...;)