Thursday, May 14, 2009

Road Trip Diary Day 4

The first day of no driving = relief. Which is a wimp thing for me to say when it took two and a half days to cover when I used to do the Vancouver -> LA or LA -> Vancouver trip in 24 hours flat.

We took it pretty easy on Day 4 - at this minute I can't even remember what day was Day 4 - okay, I counted on my was Monday. Spent the day hanging with Raymond, talking movie biz stuff and life stuff.

We had swank accommodations...this is the view of the house from the kitchen:

You can't really tell from this iphone pic but there was a sudden downpour in the afternoon - the white misty bit is actually rain bouncing off the roof:

For those readers who own a copy of , this house (now a certified historic site) used to belong to Gary Switlo who is the second dedicatee in the book. It's an authentic hand-built log house and the inside is absolutely incredible:

Okay, I know this is bad, but I just couldn't leave Vancouver without having a Triple-O cheeseburger at the White Spot. Let me clarify that the "Triple=O" refers to the sauce, not the number of patties...

We tried to go to sleep at 10pm so we could get up and leave the next morning at 6am for the 600 mile drive to Calgary. No such luck. I got into an interesting convo with Raymond and Jaimie was chatting with Raymond's wife and then we were all chatting and we didn't get to bed 'til 12:30 am.

Miles logged: 3
Hours in car: 10 minutes
Went to sleep: 12:30am
Woke up: Stay tuned for Day 5.

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Janice Switlo said...

I feeling of familiarity struck as I was reading your blog, then you explained it. My brother's home! He so loved that house, and how choice to show a picture of his other favourite thing right below, A triple-O! Would love to know who ended up owning, and glad to read you spent some time there. Special place, special memories. Have a good one, as Gary would say! Janice Switlo, "Gary's little sister"