Sunday, October 25, 2009

Art? - Pt. 2

The Golden Gate Bridge in color.

Anybody like any of these?


Steve B said...

I like the last shot, as it gives a good perspective of the size of those towers.

Chesher Cat said...

Hi Steve...thanks for commenting.


Timo said...

The second black and white shot is great, with the emergency phone -sign. Seeing The Bridge -documentary gives the photo even more depth. I didn't know that the Golden Gate bridge is the most "popular" place in the world to commit a suicide.

Anonymous said...

I visited San Francisco for business in September. Took an extra day in the city for myself. Ended up walking the length of Embarcadero from the Ferry Building all the way around to Hyde where I hopped on the cable car for the ride back to my hotel. I truly enjoy coastal cities and their waterfront. The bridges in San Francisco are part of the appeal and they are truly spectacular -- as are your photos. tony b.

Chesher Cat said...

Thanks for the reminder on the movie, Timo...I've been wanting to see it.

Wow, Tony, thanks.

Between both your comments, I'm reminded of the irony of people offing themselves in such a beautiful place.