Thursday, October 15, 2009

Liquid Tension Experiment

Still too wiped to deal with the issue I was going to write about yesterday. Maybe tomorrow. And I'm working on the storyboards for a short I'm going to shoot which I need to have done by tomorrow. This is after I did revisions on three pieces of key art.

So, since I'm kinda burned out I thought I would just post a few photos from a concert I shot in July '08. How hard can that be? They're already digital so I didn't have to scan them. Do a little 'I still shoot concerts' post. I had the folder on my laptop. Couldn't be easier.

But then I get in there and decide I should look at all of them and pick the ones I like best. Um, that became a whole editing session. Opening them up in lots. Whittling them down. And down. And down. I think I got it down to five shots. Then I had to reduce the size and resolution. And put my copyright on. Sheesh. All that for this...

Very cool instrument.

This could be my favorite of the lot.

I like the orange with the blue.

When I look at this I feel like I'm sitting at the kit.

Crazy set-up.

The band is Liquid Tension Experiment. LTE was formed as an instrumental progressive rock/metal supergroup (are there supergroups anymore?) by the drummer Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater. The keyboard player is Jordan Rudess and the bass player is Tony Levin, who you should know from his work with King Crimson, Peter Gabriel. He's a well known session player who has played on some 500 albums for artists such as John Lennon, Lou Reed, Pink Floyd etc etc etc. That strange-looking instrument he's playing in the blue photo is called a .

And now that I did all that, I might as well spend some more time looking for a video so you can hear them live. Here you go...

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