Thursday, October 15, 2009

Trouble in Canada

Last week I got a call from the guy who hooked me up and was responsible for the Canadian distribution of my book. He called to tell me the distribution company was bankrupt.

I need to repeat Canadian distributor is bankrupt.

That is just wrong on so many levels. The first one being that they did a really crappy job of selling my book. I think they did one bulk sale to the main bookstore chain and then didn't bother with anyone else. The second level where they were horribly wrong is obviously that they've gone bankrupt but to make that even worse, they have never paid me for the books they did sell.

So, if you bought my book in Canada, I didn't receive one penny for it.

The third level of wrong is that I was told I have to deal with the books that they didn't bother to sell (maybe that's a blessing in disguise) that are currently sitting in an independent warehouse near Toronto. And I have to deal with it in a big hurry. I actually called the person at the warehouse (they are also losing big money due to the distributor) and have arranged to let her know next week what I want to do with those books. She also told me that they knew last March that the distributor was going to go bankrupt. That was really thoughtful of the guy to wait over six months to tell me I had only a few days to get the remaining books out of the warehouse. Fucker.

Anyway, here's the problem for which I am looking for a viable solution. I need to get the books out of the warehouse in the next two to three weeks. I'm looking for someone in Canada to take the books off my hands. And I'm hoping that maybe someone who reads my blog, or one of my readers knows someone that could sell the books for me or distribute them for me or could store them for me while I find a new distributor or someone to sell them or someone who has some other brilliant idea to market and sell them in Canada.

There are 900 books in Toronto and possibly 100 or so in Vancouver. I am willing to let them go for way below wholesale if someone can take the lot off my hands. I'm also willing to consider all ideas and possibilities. Think outside the box.

I didn't even scratch the surface of Canada. I know there are at least a thousand people in Canada who would love to have a copy of my book if they knew it existed.

If you have any suggestions, please email me:

Seriously, I need your help.

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