Saturday, October 03, 2009


Yup. That's me. During and after a long, hard week. Worked harder than necessary. But sometimes that's the way it goes. Lots of issues. But things finally settled and most everything got worked out. Fighting off the flu...and winning. That makes one for the home team.

Had my first test today in Photoshop class. I've been working professionally with the program for many years but until now I've been self-taught and not a very good teacher...learning only what I needed to know. I was nervous about the test. We had a lot of technical stuff to remember. Like what do XMP and IPTC stand for? And last week was my first time learning the basics for 3D and animation. I did some studying. Got to class. Turned out there were only 25 questions and the teacher had good news. It was open book and open computer. If I didn't get them all right I might force myself into a long walk off a short pier.

Despite the not-too-difficult test, my brain was exploding by the end of the 4-hour class. We went through one lesson from our book, then a 3D painting tutorial from Adobe and then worked on our multi-layer 3D animation project that we started last week and is due next week. I didn't have the pictures I wanted to use on my computer last week and didn't have time to work on it during the week, so I was starting from scratch today.

Here's my piece in-progress...

The background is a piece of film that I shot, that will play behind the 3D pyramid in the foreground. There's a picture of each bandmember on the sides and the Led Zeppelin bulb sign on the bottom of the 3D pyramid. The pyramid will spin and track in all directions while the film plays in the background. I'll also be adding some moving text, floating Zep symbols and possibly some other moving/spinning geometric 3D shapes with still pictures. And to I'll top it off with a music track.

I might post it if it turns out. If it doesn't, I'll post a picture of my exploding brain.

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