Sunday, October 11, 2009

David Brody

This is the last picture I'm posting from the four neg strips that had Bob Geldof and Shelly Siegel etc on them.

David Brody

When I met David Brody, his name was Milt Brody. He was managing a few musicians and had hired me to shoot Doug can see one of the photos that ended up on the back cover of a magazine on this .

A while after I moved to L.A. Milt turned up...well, by that time he was David. The first he did was invite me to dinner at his cousin's. This was a special invitation for a couple of reasons. The first being, it was almost impossible to get invited to someone's home in L.A. When I first moved here, I'd meet people and they'd be incredibly nice to me. Like freakishly nice. But there was never an invite to someone's home. As nice as people were, it took me a long time to develop relationships beyond the superficial nice stage. I don't think it was me. It was just the way L.A. was...and maybe still is.

The other reason it was a special invite was because his cousin was Alan Hamel - a Canadian actor who was a host of many TV shows and was famous in SoCal as the spokesperson for the now defunct Alpha-Beta grocery chain. He was also the husband of Suzanne Somers, who at the time was doing that little show, Three's Company. It was a really great dinner...Suzanne was/is an amazing cook and they were both incredibly nice to me. And authentic. After all, they invited me to their house...before I even met them.

David Brody did another really nice thing for me. He got me the hook-up to go on the Merv Griffin Show for my book, (click to see a small piece of the interview).

I found Doug Steiger a couple of years ago and he told me that David had passed away. I don't know exactly when or the circumstances, and unfortunately he didn't leave a footprint on the internet. But he did have an impact on me.

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