Friday, October 30, 2009


Another year, another market finished. Artwork created, materials printed, invoices submitted. All that's left is to delivering the finished products to the clients on Monday and Tuesday.

I did a little better than last spring's Cannes market. Maybe a 20% increase. But that's after more than a 60% decrease between last year's AFM market in November and Cannes in May. So, do these numbers give any hope that the recession is receding? Is there any chance I will make anything between now and Cannes 2010?

Anyway, here's some of the art I did this market...

This one is made up of four stock shots (the sky, the ocean, Liberty/skyline, Easter Island), but it took lots of dissections. The ocean is made up of at least ten layers of pieces. It was a hard one to do but fun and I'm pretty happy with the results:

Another disaster movie...they get harder and harder to come up with something original. This movie is already made but I still had to use a stock shot for the city and, of course, tear it up. Unfortunately, I don't have the budgets they have on movies like I do the best I can with what I have:

This Dolph movie was the most troublesome of the bunch. This is the finish but I'm not taking full credit for it. After several misfires, I was asked to do something with a title card that someone in post had done. It was this, but Dolph was completely black and white on a dark gray background. They also did the title (weird that they picked the same face I had already used on Ice Twisters) and the blood splatter. I did the finish - there was actually a feather-duster looking plant between the back of the gun and Dolph's shoulder that I had to get rid of - and changed out the background. And since the original photo was in color I was able to do a desaturation on the color instead of going completely black and white:

This was one of the misfires. I think it's the best one - way more badass - and would have garnered more attention than the one they went with...oh well:

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