Tuesday, October 13, 2009


...on so many levels.

This was today, just after a torrential downpour.

We needed that.

It's also raining deadlines. I've got a stack of stuff I have to get done and not nearly enough time. Reading. Artwork. Storyboards. Logistic strategizing. Accounting. Communications. More artwork. More reading. Movies I need to watch. Writing. What else? The list is long. I don't expect to see/breathe much air until some time in November.

It's all good stuff. Mostly. Except one of the logistic problems I need to work out. I was going to throw it out to the readers today but it takes more thought than I have time for tonight. Hope I can get to it tomorrow. I think someone out there may have a solution. Stay tuned.

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Timo said...

Hi, excuse me for once again posting my usual garbage here, but I was wondering if you were awere, that Tom Waits has now an official website (first one ever) at www.tomwaits.com. Maybe you could get that brilliant Tom Waits shot of yours up there? Would be nice addition.