Thursday, October 08, 2009


I took Pumpkin for a walk this afternoon and, of course, she wanted to lay on her favorite grass and watch the world go by...

Part way through her time on the grass another dog moseyed by with his female owner. The owner asked if Pumpkin was friendly, intimating that her dog was very picky when it came to other dogs. I said yes. So, she let her dog, Gus, snoop around Pumpkin. Of course, Pumpkin won him over in ten seconds flat and the owner said the words I hear over and over again..."Wow, Gus really likes her...he never likes other dogs like this." Then the follow-up that I've also heard on more occasions than not..."We live a couple of blocks over in a house with a yard. I never do this, but would Pumpkin like to come over for a playdate?"

I smiled, said sure, and took her number.

The event made me realize that something is wrong with this picture. I rarely get invited for a playdate at someone's house. Especially someone I meet on the street. Bottom line? My dog has more friends than I do.

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