Sunday, October 18, 2009

Social Butterflying

I shot this butterfly with my iPhone last November in San Francisco.

I'm pretty sure most people don't believe me when I say I don't get out much. There's this huge misconception that because of my connection to the rock'n'roll world, I'm out partying on a regular basis. And it is just that. A true misconception. I really do find myself alone more often than not. Except this past week or two.

I have met more new people and old people (not old, old people...people I already knew as in not new people I just met - wow, 'new' 'knew' English must be confusing to people who don't already speak well as for people who do) in the past couple of weeks than in the last year. I now find myself cherishing the little time I have alone.

For example, this was my schedule over the past three days:

Friday - I rocked it out at the Dodgers game, including the after-party thing where I partook in the food (including handmade ice cream (yum)), listened to the band (that supposedly included a bass player from Huey Lewis and a guitarist from AC/DC), pretending to part of Kobe's entourage and meeting a young artist who makes the coolest shoes that I will definitely be calling on soon. That social outing started at 10am for me and I didn't get home until around 7:30 or 8 and had to finish up my project for photoshop class.

Saturday - Even though I was already dead tired, I had a hair appointment at 10am to finally correct the worst haircut ever required a year and three month growing out period before it could be fixed. Then it was off to 4 hours of Photoshop class (where I got my first test back and was one of only two people to score 50 out of 50, thank you very much), where I got picked up by a writer friend and whisked off to the Cat & Fiddle to hang out with bunches of screenwriters. I met and spoke with at least 21 different people (all but 5 were people I hadn't met before) over the course of five hours. I arrived home at 12:30 and watched the last 3 quarters of the SC/Notre Dame game (I fell asleep for the three consecutive drives in 3rd that SC scored TDs on but then couldn't fall back asleep until after 3:30am thanks to the high drama mail-biter of an ending).

Sunday - I had to get up early for the monthly writers group I attend - it started at 10am - and was reading so I had to print and highlight my pages. There are always new people in attendance and I gave a lot of notes on the other people's pages. By the time I was finished there my throat was raw from talking and I was ready to fall asleep or drop dead. That was when I got a text from one of my musician friends that I shot way back when who I haven't talked to in well over a year (if you've read back back back in the archives you'll know who it is). I texted back and he texted back and then I didn't text back right away so he called and said he was in town and had a car and was coming over to see me. Okay, thanks for the notice that didn't even give me enough time to change much less take a shower, brush my hair or put on make-up. So he was here for a couple and a half hours (more non-stop talking) and now it's a good thing I'm not on a horse because I would definitely fall off.

And if all of that wasn't enough, my mother is coming to town tomorrow (probably late) and wants to take the T man and me out to dinner which means another later night and then I may go and see my musician friend play on Tuesday night and then I may....just have to go to sleep for the rest of the week.

How was your weekend?

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