Monday, July 13, 2009


Sometimes it a good thing when somebody dies. Really. I mean it. Even if they haven't hit old age, which I guess these days would be considered 75 or 80+.

There's a death list that I check almost every day so that I don't miss anyone that I should be honoring. The musicians that I've shot that wouldn't necessarily make the six o'clock news. This particular list covers all kinds of people that are notable for one thing or another, such as music, athletics, politics, etc. They just give the scant basics - the date, their name, age, a brief mention of what they're known for and the cause of death.

Most of the time I am saddened, especially when it's someone young. For example, on July 6th there was Mathieu Montcourt, 24, French tennis player, cardiac arrest, then on the on the 8th Judi Ann Mason, 55, American screenwriter, television producer and playwright, aortic dissection, and on the 9th, Jessie Hollins, 39, American baseball player, drowned.

But on July 11th I had the opportunity to rejoice over the death of a 68 year old man I did not know. The only thing that would have made me happier was if he had never been born. This was the single line that had me doing a happy dance:

Robert 'Dolly' Dunn, 68, Australian child molester, multiple organ failure.

This asshole had a job as a school teacher with a Catholic religious order known as the Marist Brothers. His wikipedia page says...

He began a 20-year jail sentence in 2001 for 24 sexual offences occurring between 1985 and 1995. In 1996, a Royal Commission chaired by Justice James Woods was shown home videos and photographs from Dunn's collection, which included many images of child sex abuse, usually featuring Dunn himself as the perpetrator. Dunn fled the country, but was later found in Honduras after being tracked down by Australia's 60 Minutes program. Then-US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright authorized his extradition back to Australia.

Dunn had a long history of abusing boys between the ages of seven and 15, often videotaping them. Usually, he would offer them money and marijuana in exchange for anal sex. From jail, he repeatedly made written and verbal statements to the effect that he saw nothing wrong with sex between a man and a boy. He previously spent time in Indonesia and the Netherlands. He was a friend and accomplice of Australian diplomat William Stuart Brown, another notorious paedophile [sic].

In 2004, Dunn underwent coronary bypass surgery after suffering from angina. Believed to be at high risk of retaliation from other prisoners, he was isolated from the main prison population.

Here are a couple of photos of this creep so you can see what scum looks like...

In case you think I'm being too hard on this piece of shit, in January of 2005 he became and and was hospitalized when prison officers discovered pornographic drawings in his cell. If there is a Hell, it was created for this evil incarnate.

I am most thankful that he died before November 9, 2015 when he would have been eligible for parole. I also like the fact that he died of multiple organ somehow seems fitting. I can only hope that it was a slow and painful death.

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