Thursday, July 16, 2009


Today you get photographs...since I claim to be a photographer..photographs that I took yesterday and today. These were all taken with my iPhone...the old one.

This was taken yesterday morning - early - while I was chatting with a friend on Facebook. I said something about how great it was to have a dog and he said, 'sadly' he couldn't have one. So, in a nano-second, without any though at all I snapped this shot of Pumpkin and emailed it to him so he could have a dog. I didn't realize at the time that's it's actually a really good picture (in my opinion...feel free to disagree). It looks like it was set up and lit and posed, but it wasn't. I really like the odd angle that makes her look freakish and that her paws aren't in the it a kind of Diane Arbus feel. Check it out in B/W...

Mango Sundae
Sadly, I did not eat this.

The Ugly Truth
This was the premiere. It seemed a little un-premiere-ish. Maybe because it was still daylight. I was not at the premiere...I was across the street on my way in to see (500) Days of Summer. Very cute and clever movie that puts a new spin on romantic comedy.

The Ugly Truth Turns Ugly
I don't know what really happened...just thought it was ironic that a fire truck and paramedics showed up for the premiere of a romantic comedy call The Ugly Truth.

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