Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Ringo Starr

Today is his birthday. He is --- wow --- Ringo is 69 today. I was thinking 65, maybe 66. Good on him for hittin' the number 69.

I actually have had lots of encounters with Mr. Starkey. Mostly all good.

The first was when I made a scouting trip to L.A. to see if this little Canadian girl had any chance of hell making it in the big city (I'm still trying to determine that, btw). And lo and behold, my first day in town, somebody who knew somebody who knew somebody else got me an invite to an album release press conference at Capitol Records. Now, ain't that the way to roll into to Hollywood. Especially since it was for a Beatle. Ringo. And just days after I had shot another Beatle in concert in Vancouver. George.

There were tons of photographers at the press conference. I'd never been to one of these and didn't have a clue what I was doing. I'm not a pushy paparazzi type of shooter. But I guess my concert experience - where you really have to anticipate your subject's next move or you miss the shot - paid off. I managed to get at least one shot I love.

7/7/40 - Still Rockin'

If you'd like to own this photograph, click on Ringo Starr or click .

After the press conference I shot the filming of the promotional video on Vine Street. This is one of my photos...

And here is a little piece of the video...

I did not meet Ringo on this occasion. That would come a couple of years later. When I was putting together my first book, . Klaus Voormann is in the book and he sent me up to Ringo's house to discuss getting some of the KV art he owned to shoot for the book. I had a lovely visit with him and he was extremely supportive of the project. As a matter of fact, it was Ringo who suggested I get Ron Wood in the book.

My next Ringo encounter was in England, where I was working with Cat Stevens on his section of Starart. I had the good fortune to be introduced to Maureen Starkey - not through Ringo - and she more or less took me in (I can't even begin to tell you what an amazing person she was and what she did for me). During a stay at her country home, Ringo turned up to recuperate from an intestinal surgery before returning to the states. It was Easter and family time. And I was homored to be included.

Once the book was done, I threw an opening bash at a gallery in Los Angeles...on my birthday...and look who showed up...

Me (with my Lucy's margarita) and Him

That was a mighty cool night. Best birthday ever.

So, Ringo, since I can't be at, or should I say wasn't invited to your 69th, the best I can do for your birthday is bring this guy in to sing to you...

Or how about you sing it to yourself...

And last but not least...I'll have a margarita for you at Lucy's tonight...since you can't.

Happy Birthday, Richie!

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Timo said...

You're HAWT in that pic with Ringo!