Thursday, July 02, 2009

It Is Christmas In July

Be warned...I feel really crappy right now. As if my impending doom is imminent. I ordered a decaf iced mocha from Starbucks today and I think they gave me a caffeinated one. It has been wreaking havoc on my system since then. Don't think it helped that I had an intensive meeting with my movie director, during which I drank said venti drink. Then went out to see/hear a singer without time to eat any dinner.

But it is my duty to post before my demise.

If you are on my mailing list, you already received an unedited version of this announcement. If you aren't, I'm hoping this is a let down to what you were hoping it might be. So, here goes...


And why not? When I was a kid it seemed like a million years between Christmases. I used to think we should have Christmas twice a year. Of course, it was all about the presents.

I’ve been a good girl all year. Well, at least the first half. So far, I have kept my New Year’s resolution to post on my blog every single day. It hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would be...well, there are some days when the post starts out with, “I got nothing” but those ones generally manage to turn into a Seinfeldesque something about nothing. I especially love the days when I celebrate the birthdays of the musicians in Everybody I Shot Is Dead, or honor the anniversary of their passing by posting pictures and cool videos.

I still can’t believe we’re already closing in on 2010. Now that I’m older, it sometimes feels like Christmas comes every few months...but without the presents. The kid in me wants to fix that part. Of course, I had to remind her about what I’ve learned through Christmases past...the getting isn’t nearly as good as the giving. After a couple of kicks in the butt, she acquiesced (I love that word) and we agreed to celebrate Christmas in July.

So, the kid (me) and I (also me) decided the best way to celebrate Christmas in July is to give the best deals we possibly can on our books and prints. Our Everybody I Shot Is Dead signed book that usually retails for $60 is only $15 during our Christmas in July celebration. The George Harrison and Tom Waits lithographs are more than 66% off. Limited Edition prints are 50% off (only 5 of each print available at this price) and Open Edition prints are 60% off.

If you’ve been a good kid this year stop by and pick up a little something for yourself. And don’t forget your friends and loved ones. You can keep the gifts under wraps until December or let ‘em rock ‘n’ roll and celebrate Christmas in July.

I wish all of you a Merry Christmas in July and a splendid second half of 2009!

XO from the Kid and Me.

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