Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Tom Waits

Saw this for the first time today and had to share...Tom Waits goes to Fernwood...

Hilarious! I Love Tom Waits!!

I only shot Tom a couple of times...first when he opened for Frank Zappa at the Agridome in Vancouver. I posted those really bad pictures back on May 17, 2006in a post aptly called Self Deprecation.

My redemption came a year and a half later when I shot Tom again at the Troubadour.
I really miss those days when I got to hang out with him at the Troubadour bar. But at least I have some cool pictures of him from there. And, in case you missed it, I currently have my iconic (so I've been told) Waits photograph available in my Christmas in July sale (which will be ending shortly). This is the first and probably last time I will offer these prices on this photograph.

This is the 11x17 lithograph, showing how it looks framed:

Regular price is $30

(frame is additional)

This is the 11x14 Open Edition which I sign and is
a silver gelatin print from the original negative,
printed on a heavy weight archival photographic paper:

Regular price is $200

This is the 16x20 Limited Edition of 75 numbered and signed,
silver gelatin print from the original negative,
printed on a heavy weight archival photographic paper:

Regular price is $400

(I only hve a couple left at this price)

If you want to grab one of these puppies, they are only available . I don't usually hardcore pimp my stuff on the blog, but I don't want any of the hardcore TW fans miss out on this one-time deal.

And besides, I don't have enough original ideas to fill the next 10 days that are staring me down without one birthday to celebrate or deathday to honor. So you get what you get. Ten days of nothing. Damn. Okay, I'm taking all idea submissions to fill the next ten days. I will even consider guest posts...write something and include a photo and or video link and I may just post it. Send whatever - ideas, guest posts, fan mail, hate mail - to


Timo said...

I bought the Tom Waits lithograph a while back, and have been REALLY happy with it! Cool picture and now with such a low price, don't think, just grab it! I just wanna thank you Deborah for all the trouble you saw, getting that lithograph sent to me all the way to Finland, I really appreciate it! Feel like I let you down, because I never sent you the picture with me and the lithograph, even though I promised. The thing is, I just hate being photographed, and I swear that's the truth...

The lithograph is currently hanging on my wall, framed, in place where everyone can see it. Thanks, take care.

Chesher Cat said...

Thanks so much for your support, Timo.

I'm really glad your are happy with the print.

But I'd still like to see a picture of you. It's not fair that everyone who comes here knows what I look and sound like but they are anonymous to me.

Don't make me come all the way over there and take one.


Timo said...

Heh, well I promise I'll think about it :) Anyway it's amazing how long I've been reading your blog, really interesting stuff.

I spend almost all my spare time either reading about music, or listening it. In past six months, I have read both David Corsby's biographies, Lennon's biography by Philip Norman etc. Btw. what's up with Yoko exhibiting John's bloody clothes from the night he was killed?

Anyway, there's so much good music out there and so much I haven't heard, and that's where your blog comes in picture. Michael Bloomfield is a classic example, never heard of him before I started reading your blog, thanks for that.

So much to say... btw. have you heard about this: Can't wait to see it! Tom Dicillo seems like a really great person, communicates with fans through his blog and really takes time to answer everyone's questions. You and him seem to have something in common, both of you seem like these really genuine persons, nothing pretentious in neither of you, just lots of love for the thing you do. Anyway, I've stayed up too late, have to wake up early tomorrow and go to work, and I am no longer making any sense. Good night :P