Monday, July 20, 2009

Triple Digits

Fuck. It's so hot in THE VALLEY.

Yesterday I had a commitment at 10am. I was sitting in as the moderator for a writer's group, which meant I was in charge of the keys...opening the studio, turning off the alarm, telling everyone how the group works (for the benefit of new people), getting the sign-in sheets filled out, moderating the comments on the pages being read, etc.

Even though the studio is only a 5-7minute drive from my place, I decided to leave around 9:40am so I would be there before everyone started showing up. I get in the car, put the key in the ignition, turn it...and nothing.


The one time I have to be somewhere and be responsible and people are counting on me and I have no numbers of anyone who's going to be there that I can car dies. No time to get AAA out. No one I know that could give me a ride.


I had no choice but to walk. By this time it was 9:45. And it was already smokin' hot...not the good smokin' hot...the sweaty smikin' hot... And I didn't just have to walk. I had to speed walk. As I said, there was no way for me to notify anyone that my car died and I was going to be late. I took this photo a little past the halfway mark...

I was already in full sweat...even the telephone poles were bending in the heat. Ended up being a good five minutes late. I was still dripping wet through the second set of pages that were read...close to an hour after I got there. But I kept my word. The show went on. A good time was had by all. I was just disappointed that I wasn't there on time.

Bonus photo:

I have come close to walking into this guy on at least four separate occasions over the past week. Every time I see him he's bigger. I'm expecting him to grow large enough to eat the building. He's a result of the double digit days of triple digit temperatures...a heat mutant.

Edited for a P.S.:

I received a few emails saying that my website is not giving the discounted price on my book. If you are trying to get the $15 price on the book DO NOT go the the Store link on my website. There is a special link/page for the sale price that you can get to from the Chesher Cat logo with the Christmas hat on my homepage...or...this is the special link you can go to directly

Due to the confusion, I'm going leave the link open for one more day. Feel free to forward the link to anyone you think may be interested. Thanks!!

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