Friday, July 24, 2009

Oh My God

It's already time to write another blog post? Now? Why? It just seems like yesterday that I threw something up here. Who does a girl hafta blow around here to get a break?

I'm not feeling outrageously entertaining this evening. I'm actually thinking about falling asleep. Any minute now. So, if whatever this post becomes doesn't show up online in the next few minutes, it means I passed out on the keyboard and you'll have to check my forehead for any words of note. It's only 10:14pm as I write this but the Pumpkin dog is already dead to the world on the end of my bed. It's really not fair that she gets to be the dog and I have to be the person. I could do with a trade about now.

My status on Facebook today was " - wait, I have to check it to make sure I don't misquote myself...okay, here it is - "Deborah Chesher has her agenda for today...reading, writing and arithmetic...not necessarily in the order." It was not in that order.

I did start with the reading. I read a script this morning. I'm not going to name it, but will say it's a script that I picked up from a blog that reviews screenplays. This particular script has been sold - the first sale for this writer - and has a pretty big-time director attached. It was also on the blacklist at some point (for those of you who are not in 'the biz' that's the yearly list of scripts that have the most buzz in the agency and development circles) but I'm not sure when or what position it landed in. Anyway, I was not impressed. Not in the least. To begin with, there were glaring typos especially in the first ten pages and there was one point where a piece of dialogue had the wrong character's name above it...a character not even in the scene. I didn't give a crap about any of the characters and I thought the story itself was lacking. The only redeeming quality in my opinion was that the action sequences moved quickly and had some suspense to them. So, why did this script sell? I have absolutely no idea.

After my reading was done I thought it best to move on to some arithmetic. That was hard. First, I had to file my sales tax for the last quarter. That not only required the math for figuring out my gross sales, non-taxable sales, out-of-state sales, taxable sales and tax owing but I also had to reconcile all my PayPal sales for the last quarter so they'd show up in there too. And as if that wasn't enough arithmetic for one day, I also worked on putting together the estimate for a near 200-page film catalogue I am creating (hopefully) for one of my design clients.

Then I had dinner. Yes, other than a couple of walks of the dog, the arithmetic ate up the whole day.

What about the writing thing? Well, let me see. I wrote the status update on FB...pure genius, don't you think? I wrote 11 emails of varying lengths. I wrote 2 whole text messages. And then I wrote a couple of things on twitter -- this was the first one, "
20+ followers dropped me in the past 24h. Either Twitter cleaned out the sexpots or I had 20+ true True Blood fans." And the second one was, "Derek Haas launched a cool site bringing us short fiction from some of our favorite screenwriters. Enjoy." More stellar words spewed from my mind into your homes. And now I have written this fantastic blog post.

I believe I have accomplished my day.

Except a picture. I'm supposed to post a picture. Let me see if I uploaded anything I've taken in the last day or two. God help me if I have to take a shot now and expend the energy to upload it and do all the other shit required to get it into this window...that would be like a whole 'nother day's work. Crap. Nothin'. Be right back.

Okay, I got two...just shot and brought to you almost live...

My ceiling fan as it appears when on acid.

A plant I've been saving. That little stem and leaf on the left stalk has just popped up this week. How cute is that? It's like having a new baby. I was going to take a picture of it every day and then make a little time-lapse movie so I could see its growth but...I had to do all that reading, writing and arithmetic.

Okay, now my day is seriously down, I mean done. Please don't send doctors. Really, I'm fine. See ya' tomorrow. Maybe.

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Steve B said...

The people like the action and suspense. I guess it all depends what demographic you're aiming for. I want a fan like that..:)