Saturday, August 01, 2009

Adventures in La La Land

I knew there was a reason I like to stay home. And work. And work. And work. Instead of enjoying the company of others. I think they call it socializing.

Last night I had arrangements to meet a friend over the hill (that's the terminology when you reside in the Valley and you have to drive over the Hollywood Hills to get to Hollywood or West Hollywood (WeHo) or Beverly Hills or West L.A. or Santa Monica etc, etc, etc) for pie. Well, not just pie...we had a photography gig to discuss.

So, I thought I would double the pleasure and arrange to meet an online friend - wow, I just realized as I was reading what I typed...if you take the 'r' out your friend becomes your fiend. What were the word inventors thinking? Where was I? Oh yeah. I decided to see if this online friend who has recently moved to the City of Angels wanted to grab a bite before my other engagement, as we had been threatening to meet for a couple of months.

In order to spend enough time with him I suggested we meet at 5:45. Then we decided to go to Barney's Beanery (the place hasn't changed in forever, except they have valet parking now instead of first come, first served) and I offered to pick him up at the place he works nearby.

This all sounds like great planning on my part, doesn't it?

About an hour an a half before I was to leave I made a quick phone call that at most should have taken 3 minutes. Just wanted to set up an appointment to meet and have a conversation to obtain a bunch of information I need. The phone happened to be answered by the person of knowledge and he began spewing forth said information. An hour later I was still on the phone. And while I was talking to him, two other calls came in that I needed to return before I left.

Instead of leaving shortly after five, I didn't make it out of here until 5:28. No way was I going to make it by 5:45. I texted my online friend when I was nearing Coldwater Canyon (one of several that goes over the hill). Fortunately, the traffic was light so I figured I'd easily make it to him by 6:10. As I neared the top of the Valley side of the canyon, I hear a siren and was quickly passed by an ambulance. I thought, "well, that's cool, I can make good time following him." To the top. Where the fire station is.

But he didn't pull in at the top. He kept going. No problem. We're making really great time. I'm going to get there before six. It was all fantastic. Flying down the Beverly Hills side of the canyon. Easey peasey. Until....

Yup, we're at a dead stop. Lesson #1: an ambulance passing you in a canyon is not a good thing. We sat there for ten minutes while they occasionally let groups of northbound cars through.

Finally, we make a move.

Yes, I am rubbernecking...or in my case cameranecking.

Wow. A victim on a stretcher. Doesn't look like much of an accident to require six fire trucks and an ambulance. I was expecting Armageddon. Test question: How many firemen does it take to roll a stretcher?

Oops. Make it two ambulances. Lesson #2: if you're going to get in an accident do it in Beverly Hills. They will send many hot guys in uniforms to care for you. Check out all the cars trying to get to the Valley.

By some miracle I made it by 6:10, which only gave us an hour and a quarter for our meet and greet before I had to rush for my pie date. But it was good. And fun. Although it would have been nice to shoot a game of pool since it was my online friend's first time at Barney's. Maybe next time.

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