Monday, August 31, 2009


The Edsel was considered a huge failure. When I was a little kid it was the golden ticket in an I Spy type game we used to play on road trips. By that time there were hardly any on the road and the first one to spot one a scream "Edsel" had bragging rites for miles.

I love Edsels. The memory of the game, the style of the car and, of course, it's general cool factor. I've never owned an Edsel. I wasn't old enough to drive when there were still on the road in the sixties. I remember begging my dad at one time or another to get one. But, at the time, they were considered to be lemons.

Sadly, I don't recall ever taking a ride in one. They have always been the car that whisked by and disappeared. Until now.

This is the Edsel that seems to reside one street over from me. I've seen it on multiple occasions when I walk Pumpkin around the block. How sweet is that?

I am soooo tempted to put a note on the car..."Hi, I wanna take a ride in your Edsel. Call me."

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