Thursday, August 27, 2009

Boz Scaggs

No worries...he's still alive.

I figured you've had more than enough of my dog and other personal shit so I'm getting back to the rock'n'roll thing by delving into the box. And Boz was the winner of today's drawing. I'm scanning the negs for a contact sheet as I write this so I have no idea if they're going to be gold or crap.

Hmmm...the first strip is shot from the back of the stage and doesn't look anything like Boz Scaggs. Nope, definitely an opening act that I shot six frames of and only two are in focus. I will post one and see if anyone can figure out who they are...

I'll be really impressed if anyone can ID these guys by their asses and the backs of their heads.

Better results on the Boz ones...that's a relief...

I can't believe there's no backstage shots. Maybe on another sheet, although maybe not because he was on Columbia and the record rep was not into having his picture taken. But I distinctly remember talking to Boz backstage. I gave him something. Maybe if I can find a copy of it I will post it tomorrow along with the story.

Now that I've seen this video, I'm guessing that Jeff Porcaro was playing the show I shot. But I didn't shoot the drummer. Just a couple of bad shots of the keyboard player and one okay one of the bass player and a few of the guitarist. And it's the same guy as in this video. Can anyone tell me who the guitar player is?


Boz Scaggs Group said...

Hi Deborah,

LOVE this shot of Boz. Thanks for sharing it. The guitarist at the Paramount was Les Dudek.

Boz Scaggs Group said...

Thanks Deb.

Ok, so in the photo shot from back, could that be of the James Cotton Blues Band perhaps?


Chesher Cat said...

Yes, I believe it is...which became apparent to me from the article I wrote and promptly forgot to mention in the last post.