Sunday, August 02, 2009

Jerry Garcia

My bad. I totally glossed over Jerry Garcia's birthday yesterday. Not good.

So, this post is a Happy Belated 67th Birthday to Mr. Jerry Garcia. If you don't know who he is you were either born last month or you are brain dead from all the hallucinogenics you took at the Grateful Dead concerts in the sixties and seventies.


Check this out...educational and fun and pretty hilarious...

Sadly, all three are gone.

And a couple of songs from the same show...taped at NBC on May 7, 1981...

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Steve B said...

That IS a great interview. I remember watching it at the time, since I was a big fan of Tom Snyder also. It's ironic how Jerry talks about having a sense of responsibility to be in command(of his playing). Unfortunately, in the end, his lifestyle took command. At least we have the music.