Monday, August 17, 2009

What Did I Say About Mondays?

If you read yesterday (yes, sometimes my blog is like a serialized soap opera) you know I was taking my cans and bottles to the recycle depot today.

But did I mention I was walking the two large garbage bags full along with my dog two and a half blogs to get there?

Pictorial evidence...

I looked near-homeless as I switched the bags and the dog from hand to hand. All that was missing from the picture of homelessness was the shopping cart.

To add insult to injury, when I got there I found out the recycle depot is closed on Mondays. There was a guy there with his shopping cart and his bags of recycling lined up at the machine. He was sitting on a chair about six feet back in the shade.

I inanely stated the obvious, "So, they're closed on Mondays."

He responded, "Yup."

"You planning on sitting there until tomorrow?" I asked.


On my way home - with my garbage bags still full of cans and bottles - I passed this dude...

I expect he is working his way down the street to get in line for tomorrow's opening. I'm now wondering if the recycling people will be handing out wristbands for tickets to see Garbage...


Riff Dog said...

This is very funny writing! Love the wristbands idea.

Chesher Cat said...

Thank you. Five blocks with loaded garbage bags and a dog can be very inspiring.

I forgot to mention, on the way there my dog took a shit so I had that little baggie to carry as well.