Monday, August 03, 2009


Sometimes I entertain myself with checking out my referrals on my site stats and saturday night was one of those times. Sheesh...that sounds pretty sad when I read it in a sentence. Obviously, I need a life. But until then I will continue to share the Google searches that land people on this blog.

Yesterday brought an onslaught of John Mayer searches. This is the first of the several "John Mayer Sucks" searches. I'm surprised to see me at #7 out of 601,000 hits. I am even more surprised at what people write about him. That first one calls him "the most hideous purveyor of musical..." - however the sentence ended, it sounds pretty harsh to me. And I do not endorse any suckage against Mr. Mayer.

The second John Mayer Sucks search was "John Meyer sucks" yes, his last name was spelled wrong...on that one I was #2 out of 3.27 million - wow, I feel like I won the lottery...

And the worst John Mayer search from yesterday was "John Mayer Dead"...dude, I think you would have heard if he was dead. However, I am #5 out of 1.83 million. Not bad.
In other searches, a person in Poland found me by searching "in hollywood they'll give you 1 million dollars for a kiss" - Where is the 'they' that will do this...I am puckered and only, please. Of course, I hit #1 on that search.
And finally, from Italy, someone searched "Debbie fucks around with her twin" landed on my blog...cause I talked about 'twins' in a post, used the word 'fucking' in reference to the artiness of a photo I took, and the word 'around' in a completely different post and the word 'her' in yet another post. No reference to 'Debbie' or 'with'. Just 'twins fucking around her'.

Everybody I Shot Is Dead

- 2 visite - 9 giu - [ Traduci questa pagina ]The failed dream of twins that drove their Alpha Romeos to their ... How fucking arty is that shot? What does it have to do with the first two shots other than being in the equipment family? .... Let's figure out a way to turn this trend around. And.. ... This is her infamous audition for American Idol in 2007. ... - Copia cache - Simili -

To all of you, I really don't care how you got here...I'm just happy you are here.


Jennifer Brindley said...

Ha-ha! Here it is! So, the reason that psycho message came to you (did I seem like a stalker? I thought it was pretty stalkerish.) -- I did a google blog search about John Mayer entries within the last hour to see how fast my blog results would show up. And there YOU were! Then I went to your blog and it had disappeared.

I feel much better now. All is right with the world.

And those who want John Mayer to take a long walk off of a short pier can suck it.

Photoessayist said...

I still don't know who John Mayer is.

Chesher Cat said...

Dear Photoessayist,

You don't need to know who John Mayer is. You just need to know who I am.

All my best,

Chesher Cat

Chesher Cat said...

No problem, Jen. I'm fine with being stalked. Virtually, that is. Not so much in person.


Photoessayist said...

Dear Ms Chesher Cat

You got that right!

John Krill