Thursday, August 20, 2009

What A Difference A Day Makes

Even though I'm still disconnected (yes, this is another post that I am phoning in), I'm managed to make forward movement today on several fronts.

The biggest one? My 2008 taxes are done. Finito. And I vow here and now that I will never fall behind like that again. The moment the clock strokes midnight on December 31 2009 I will be ready to drop my stuff off at my accountants. I'll just be waiting for any w-whatevers and the year end crap from the banks and hi ho hi ho it's off to my accountant's I go.

Also got that job I've been waiting for was confirmed and approved today...finally. It was like waiting for paint to dry. Accomplished stuf on my movie as well. Picked up chicken noodle soup from the deli to soothe an impending sore throat/cold that I am refusing. Even made chocolate chip cookies tonight. And...I somehow got Time Warner to book an appointment with me for tomorrow between 10 an 12 to get my Internet up and running. That may be the greatest feat of all.

Tomorrow, pictures will return to the blog!

P.S. The term 'phoning it in' is often used to reflect taking the easy road to doing something. Phoning it in on a blog is anything but. Please enjoy the typos, errors and ommissions. No way in hell I'm going back over this to check for mistakes.


Photoessayist said...

Mistakes: None. Yesterday you had a couple but that's what makes it human. Take it easy until the Internet comes back. All of us have been through it. Now are their any mistakes in this connect?

Chesher Cat said...

Thanks for your help.