Sunday, August 30, 2009


Pretty cloud?


Smoke...from the now deadly fire in Los Angeles.

Current facts:
  • 42,500 acres burned
  • 5 percent contained
  • Four firefighters and three people injured
  • Two firefighters killed
  • 18 structures destroyed in the Angeles National Forest
  • 10,000 residents threatened
  • 500 commercial properties are threatened
  • 2,800 fire personal on scene, 290 fire engines
  • Fire cost: $7,671,000
I shot those pictures yesterday. This morning the sky was a blanket of smoke and smelled apocalyptic. Late this afternoon the skies were clear and the giant plume was back. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

The top of Mt. Wilson is in danger of being engulfed. That's where all the communication towers are located along with other assets.

It's crazy.

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