Sunday, August 16, 2009

Smoking Crack

*11:56 pm: Exactly one hour after posting this I realized I forgot to put a title on it. I had already tagged this post with "smoking crack" just to see if anybody would notice...sadly it seems to be true so I figured I might as well slap it right there up top for everyone to see.

I am oddly out of things to say. And that's dangerous when sitting down to write a blog post. Because that means I don't have a plan and the writing becomes stream of consciousness and I know nobody wants to dip their toes in those waters.

I'm thinking it might be best to post a picture and get the hell out of here while the gettin's good. Before I start spewing what's really on my mind. Wouldn't want to spoil what's left of anybody's weekend or derail anyone that's trying to get the week off to a positively optimistic start.

I generally hate Mondays. They always seem to go south on me if I try to do anything that involves other human beings. I try not to make calls where I need something. My day is planned around everything I can get done on my own. Tomorrow I plan to clean my office up, take my recycling up the street, do some editing on my location tape and work on the movie budget.

And most important on tomorrow's agenda, I'm compiling a list of potential new clients for my graphics biz that need stuff done for the upcoming film markets. I've put together an incentive that I will be sending out by email tomorrow or Tuesday (since Mondays generally suck for me). Here it is...

I took out the price 'cause it wouldn't be so special if everyone on the internet knows what it is...and as we all know everyone on the internet, and I mean every single person, reads this blog. I also took out the phone number. I like the fact that my phone never rings. I don't want that to change. Unless someone is calling to book a job. Of just throw a wad of cash at me because they can.

Please feel free to critique my little promo piece. If you were/are a potential client would you be intrigued? Should I change anything? Add something? Subtract something? (I'm big on math these days.)

Okay. This post is now officially over. Looks like I managed to keep the content moving in a positive direction. No mad rants from the chick trapped in her own personal psych ward. Phew. Faked 'em out again, didn't I. But what about tomorrow? What the fuck am I gonna write tomorrow?


Steve B said...

Heh, worry about tomorrow tomorrow. I like the flyers. Personally, I think all bills should have a grinning cat like that on it. Just seems more appropriate ;)

Steve B said...

Ha, I was wondering about that....

Jaimie said...

You should read some Kurt Vonnegut. He called all Mondays "Blue Mondays." I often think of him on Mondays. I have a shitty Monday tomorrow. I have been dreading it for days. All I can think is "Goodbye blue Monday." that's Vonnegut. The one dead guy I wish I could have met. He is the only man I think could fully understand and appreciate my totall complexity (that I know of, anyway). Well, now you also just learned a little intimate tid-bit of your daughter's mind. For whatever it's worth. Fuck Monday.