Friday, November 06, 2009

AFM Party

Tonight was the hot ticket party at the AFM. Fortunately, it is put on by one of my clients. It's pretty much the same every year. At the same restaurant. Same food. Same entertainment.

They take over the whole restaurant which is actually a 2-story Victorian house that also has a cellar. And they always have psychics who read your cards and a casino set-up in the main floor.

We got there on the late side this year.

This was what was left of the food...

But there was still lots of free drink...

That was not my drink, but I did have one of the olives.

I got my cards read. Be very nice to me because by this time next year I'm going to be...well, I was going to sya the shit but that doesn't sound so good...or I'll be what? Important? Way more successful than I am now? People will be banging on my door? You get the picture.

By the time I was finished with my card reading, these were closing up shop...

I really wanted to play some blackjack. I had $1000 in my purse ready to rock'n'roll but no-go-ms.-slow. I had to steal an extra grand from he who brung me so I could have enough to exchange it for a $5 Starbucks gift card.

Still, we had a good time.

Now, I'm way too tired. And I can't decide whether to stay up and slog through the studying I need to do for my Photoshop exam tomorrow or go to sleep and hope I have enough time to cram it all in before my class starts at two. Next year at this time I won't have to make these earth-shattering decisions. I'll have people to make my decisions. At least that's what the cards told me.

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