Saturday, November 21, 2009


Don't let the Saturday night 11:59pm date fool you. It's really Sunday 9:40am. I just took my puppy for a walk and was thinking about how, in spite of my mental state last, I edited all the pictures I took the night before for Justin Dildine's short film. And the only reason I got them done was so that I would have the three pictures I wanted for this blog post. And that thought wandered into the thought of 'gee, I can't remember what I wrote in the post.' Well, duh. You prepped the pictures and didn't do the post dumbass.

So here is yesterday's yesterday, because in my mind I did it last night.

Friday night began around 6:30pm when we - aka "the crew" - arrived at a warehouse on the far west side of L.A. to assist Justin in the making of his epic short film, Sacrifice. I guess you can guess my crew position.

While Justin was behind his camera capturing the moving pictures, I was behind mine capturing the stills. But previous to the shoot, I also was given the opportunity to cast these two badasses for the leads in his film...

And this is one of my favorite stills from the night...

We wrapped just after 3 in the morning on Saturday. I was then up at 8:30am madly finishing my animation project (which I didn't actually finish-finish) before going to Photoshop class from 2-6. My sore throat was back by the time I got home so I ate what was left of my chicken soup, watched an episode of Dexter, edited the pictures, thought I wrote this post and ceremoniously crashed.

And now it is Sunday.

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