Thursday, November 05, 2009


I went to the HD Expo in Burbank today and saw all the toys. Technologies way beyond my little brain's comprehension.

I spent some time at the Panasonic booth because I'm shooting my short on one of their cameras. One I've never used before. I did get some tips on a place I can go on their website to find things that will help me make my digital film look more like film film.

I like this picture because I captured the racing cars on the screen at a standstill while the guy coming into the frame is movement blurred. And that screen was pretty nice even though they weren't likely pitching the screen as much as some technology that you can use to make what's on the screen do something off-the-wall.

Lots and lots of cameras, including bunches of REDs. I can't afford any of the cameras they had at the show. The least expensive I came across was a $5300 camera on sale at the Samy's booth for $4900. Hey, my birthday is next week. Why don't you all get together and buy me a new camera? My very old little Sony video camera went completely pfffft a couple of weeks ago.

And the pièce de résistance of the show was nowhere near HD... pre-1950s Moviola. Yes, folks, this is what they used to edit films on way back in the day.

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