Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Kill Me Now

Technology is like a man (or a woman, depending on who's talking) can't live with it and you can't live without it.

My problems continue with getting my movie - well, the dailies - onto a format that is required for screening in my class. It has to be miniDV. It's currently in Final Cut Pro. I went to school today and spent way too much time (think full time hours here, people) and was completely unsuccessful. Completely. My computer doesn't have a Firewire 400 port. Apple thought it was dying format. Forget the fact that all video devices use it. Apple just decided not to.

My only choice was use stick my external hard drive between the devices. But even though the Final Cut on my computer could make the miniDV deck start and stop and record, nothing showed up on the tape. Tomorrow I shall trudge out to Best Buy or the Apple store and buy a 400/800 cable and hope and pray that the tape deck will be happy to oblige me. If not, I am sunk.

Fun. Fun. Fun.

If anyone has had success in getting 7 1/2 minutes of HD 1080i footage from the newest MacBook Pro computer to a tape using a Sony MiniDV deck please let me know how you did it. Maybe someone out there can save me some time and my sanity. Much appreciated.


Queen Kellee said...

My guess is your issue is a format mismatch. Make sure what you're feeding to the minidv is a format it's prepared to get. In other words, your 1080i HD footage needs to actually be standard def mini dv to be recorded onto the tape.

luckily, that's as easy as 1. change your easy setup to Format: NTSC and under Use: DV-NTSC or DV_NTSC FireWire Basic. (depends on what camera you are using). Then create a new sequence, drop your footage or sequence onto the new sequence, if it warns you that they are different settings, dismiss the prompt that asks if you want to change the sequence settings to match the footage. you don't. it should auto scale to fit the frame, but if it doesn't or you want to tweak, double click and open it in the clip window and tweak the scale in the motion tab. when you're ready then Print to Video (I think, I so rarely go back out to tape I'm rusty on that part)

If that doesn't work I'd try the 400-800 cable also. But checking your sequence settings is where I'd start. Hope this helps...

Chesher Cat said...

Wow, Kellee...thanks a heap. Your advice was most helpful and easy to follow. It solved one of the problems I was having with getting a proper aspect ratio in converting the footage SD.

One other thing I wasn't doing was refreshing the devices.

All in all, it worked and I was able to screen my dailies.

Let me know the next time you're going to be in L.A. I owe you a coffee.


Queen Kellee said...

Yay! Glad I could help! :)