Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mission Accomplished...NOT

I felt a sore throat coming on right before I went out for my birthday dinner. I took all sorts of things to kick its ass before I went to sleep. It was gone by morning - wait, I should say it moved by morning into my lungs. Yay.

I had a lot of stuff to do today. Not the least of which was to work on my animation project in photoshop. Somehow I sidetracked into walking the dog, stopping at the market, making coffee, doing some of the dishes, needing to rest, watching TV in the background of my computer while I individually thanked every single person on Facebook that wished me a happy birthday, putting together the location maps for my Sunday shoot...and midway through that needing a three-hour nap because I felt like crap.

The other thing I did that caused me grief for the rest of the day was updating my slingbox software. Slingbox allows you to watch your television on your computer at home or wherever you are in the world with an internet connection. Somehow the installation of the updated software wasn't automatic. And I couldn't fix it. Tech genius Tyler had to come over and fix it for me, but in doing that, somehow I could no longer send emails from Entourage even though I could still receive. I didn't correlate it to the Slingbox until I was over 2 hours into a series of phone calls with at least 5 different people from 3 different countries on the Earthlink helpline. I hate outsourcing. At the 2 hour + point I quit Slingbox for no particular reason and was then able to send the test emails... although I still couldn't send the one to my co-producer with the location map attachments.

And that's where I stand now. Except, in addition, my head is throbbing, my chest is congesting and almost nothing I set out to do today has been accomplished. I'm now going to take drugs, smear myself with decongestant analgesic ointment...

...fall asleep and dream for a more productive day tomorrow.

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