Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jose Feliciano


I am currently on hold with my health insurance provider. Going on 30 minutes since I initiated the call and the woman who was helping with my problem - I just got a new plan and they've overcharged on the amount I was quoted - couldn't get the system to fix it so she's gone off to find a supervisor.

I'm left here waiting...and waiting...and waiting. Figured I may as well get on with today's post which is another real time pull some negs out of the box.

I pulled out Jose Feliciano. My last pull included Ronnie Milsap who is also blind. And I'm pulling blindly. How weird is that? Guess my next pull will be Stevie Wonder.

Enough of my off-color unfunny humor. Time to scan.


Two small surprises have turned up in the Feliciano negs. The first surprise was a good one...there are 6 backstage shots that, in looking at them in sequence, are the best backstage shots ever. Not necessarily in a good way. There isn't one of them that is posed with Jose and the record company rep looking in the camera. But what I have a really classic. I would show them all to you but then what would I have left?

This is my favorite. It is number 4 of 6 in the sequence...

Jose Feliciano and RCA record man, John Ford

There is only one in the sequence where they are remotely engaged with each other. There are no less than 3 where John Ford is fiddly with his fingernails. The six together make me smile. Maybe someday I will release it as a strip print. It will certainly show up in a future gallery showing of some sort.

The second surprise was not such a good one. My live shots, for the most part, suck balls. I will post the worst and the best momentarily. I just need some time to decide which is which and clean up the dust spots.

Back soon.


In order not to leave you thinking what a shitty photographer I really am, here's the cream of the crap...

And now the one that can remain imprinted on your brain...

At least between the backstage stuff, this photo and maybe two others, the night wasn't a total loss. BTW, I only shot a total of 30 frames on Mr. Feliciano.

For those of you who don't know Jose Feliciano and just for tons of fun, check this out...Jose and Johnny together...

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Anonymous said...

great! Jose Feliciano is a really fantastic Icon of a Era (and not only a Icon, is an incredible artist)