Sunday, February 01, 2009


Last Monday I was still in the Desert, but I was actually working all day on graphics for the Berlin Film Festival and didn't get back home until 30 minutes before Tuesday.

Tuesday was major-crazy. I had a pitch meeting scheduled with a groovy television executive at 2:30. This whole thing started mid-December when a friend of mine told me about a scripted show she was writing and then showed me a piece of video. I immediately said it should be a reality show. Since then we've been working her initial idea into that format.

We all know that the entertainment industry subscribes to the first rule of the Girl Guides - Be Prepared. We weren't. Not only had we not practiced the pitch for this wasn't even written. We did have the general idea down and the characters, but the pizzazz part of the written pitch was nowhere near pizzazzy. So, on Tuesday, I was jamming on the written pitch from the moment I awoke, but I also had to find some time to clean the house since the meeting was here. I still wasn't done by the time the interested parties had arrived - I ended up just going with some bullet points for our ideas of the show structure - and we didn't have one second to discuss how we would present our pitch.

Under normal circumstances this scenario would have resulted in instant-death. Fortunately, I don't do normal. And in this case we had a couple of aces in the hole. First, the television exec is a friend of mine and, second, we brought the talent in. As it turned out we didn't have to pitch one measly word. We had the talent do their thing, and then the exec jumped in and engaged them in a dialogue. It was a brilliant dialogue and I got spent the hour + laughing my ass off. Phew. We were very happy. Now the real work begins - figuring out the best way to sell it and then the big 'if'...see if anyone wants to buy it. Rock'n'roll.

The rest of my week was filled with accounting and organizing...I think. I thought I was keeping pretty good track of my time but I guess not. I'm shaking my head in wonderment that it's already February...tick, tick, tick...I need more time to make money before the end of the month when I have to give it all to the bank and all the other people/entities who have their hands out. I'm going to spend what's left of today preparing for tomorrow and the rest of the week. I gotta write everything down. I gotta see where every precious moment is going if I'm going to get out alive.

Let's see if I can find a photograph indicative of the moment...I have no idea what photo I could possibly post with this...

OMG, I found's the first Nikon pics folder I opened...I came through some fire shots that Tyler took but them I scrolled down a few more and came to some from my last trip up north...and this one that I hadn't even seen before (even though I took it)...a perfect fit to my present state of mind...

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.


Steve B said...

Hahaha...good shot! I know the feeling well. Good luck with the reality show!

Jaimie said...

I cannot believe you published this photo of me. Thanks for asking. can I sue you for this??

Chesher Cat said...

I didn't mention who the picture was of...way to out yourself.

Sue away! Good luck with that.