Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Live Blogging

I'm trying something new. Live blogging. I'm going to upload this post as I write it. If you happen to be on during the process you can either stay on the blog and refresh every once in a while or check back to see how it ends.

Why would I do this? I'm going back into my rock'n'roll picture files that I haven't looked at since they were shot way back when and I thought it might be fun for you to follow along in real time so you can experience it with me 'cause there's usually a surprise that pops up. I'm hooking up the scanner, then pulling out a random set of negs...I'll be back in a few minutes to identify who I'm scanning...after I grab a chocolate chip cookie from the kitchen.

4:16 - I'm multi-tasking. When I went to the kitchen for the cookie I needed to get a paper towel because my neg holder was covered in dust thanks to having two puppies that like to play in the dirt and then shake themselves out in my office. I also had Facebook open and was pinged to chat by Jaimie while she was waiting outside her neurologist's office for a friend to pick her up. So, anyway, the neg sheet I pulled out is Charley Pride. He's a cool dude. One of the few - maybe only at the time I shot him - black country music stars. According to Wikipedia this is a quote from Charley: "I don't have no skin hang-ups. I'm no color. I'm just Charley Pride, the man." He was also a pro baseball player who almost made it to the majors. Read about him , then check out his where you can hear his voice, while I see what I caught on these negs.

4:29 - The first four strips are scanning as a contact sheet. I can see there's some backstage stuff...hope the pics are good...or else this could be embarrassing since I have to post 'em. Ah, they're ready...gotta open the contact sheet and see what's printable...be back soon.

4:38 - Here's a shot of the first 4 strips (there's two more to do) of the contact sheet. I'm wondering who the guy with the sunglasses is...maybe Ronnie Milsap? That's off the top of my head and I could be completely off base. I'll see if I can find a photo to match to online. See? There's always a surprise...

5:10 - Yup, it's . To be honest, if you'd asked me if I shot Ronnie Milsap, I'd have said "nope." But I did. So, the first blind country superstar was on the bill with maybe the first black country superstar.

I love this picture...it's a bit on the soft side (as in out-of-focus) but the moment I captured is spot-on. Charley and then whatever is on the other two strips is coming up...after I add Ronnie Milsap's name in the tags.

5:55 -
That took a while. I uploaded this strip and then realized it was too small to see so I had to redo it. This is an actual series of 5 shots on the neg strip, unretouched (other than for dust and cutting of the 6th shot 'cause it wasn't part of the series). I thought it was pretty cool to see them all together. So, here you go...

6:06 - Okay, it still shows on here too small (like this type)
so you have to click on it to see it at the size I want you to see it at.

After the show we get the obligatory photo of the artist and the record guy...in this case it's John Ford from RCA. I don't know who the hell they were looking at when I was the one getting paid to shoot the picture...

And in case you thought this was some stupid little gig, check out the limo and the surroundings. This is inside the Vancouver Coliseum...the same place I shot Led Zeppelin...and it holds 17,500 people.

John Ford followed by Charley Pride...no idea who the rest of 'em are.

Milsap getting in the limo.

Okay, on to the last two strips to see what's there.

6:13 - The strips are in the scanner. In the preview, which is very small, it looked like there's some shots that have nothing to do with Charley Pride. I know a couple of the are of one of my school mates but then there's a guy on a couch and some in a mysterious doorway. I have know idea what they are...we'll see soon.

6:20 - I scanned these strips too big. 4 minutes to go...oops...too late to start over now. I'm wondering who the guy on the couch is. Now it's 3 minutes. I should take the dogs for a quick walk...or just twiddle my thumbs.

6:46 - Thankfully the guy on the couch wasn't naked...nor was he somebody I went home with...phew, that would have been slightly embarrassing...and could possibly happen if I do this exercise again. Anyway, this one is Charley Pride's drummer. Guess how I figured that out? I have no idea who he is...can anybody out there help me? Looks like we did get along 'cause I have a few photos of him (although none playing live) and I don't have any pics of any other band members...

Nothing sexier than a black dude in cowboy boots.

7:10 - Here are the last two photos on the Charley Pride strips. My high school friend Debby S. (no last name in case she'd prefer not to be identified online). I haven't seen her in a billion years, but while I was scanning I did a little sleuth work on the web and I think I found an email address for her. If it's correct she works in the field of education. I don't think I would have ever imagined that would be her career path. Anyway, I'm going to send her an email, tell her about this post and see what happens...

I have no idea where these were taken. I know she was in Vancouver for a while but not sure where she lived or what she was doing. I do remember that she totally bailed me out on one (probably more) occasion. I was really into the Eagles and had shot them in Vancouver. I got permission from the promoters out of Seattle to shoot them at the Kingdome but I had no way to get down there...and couldn't bring a guest. But Miss Debby came to the rescue and loaned me her car. That was big. And something I think about quite often.

Thanks again, D.S.

And finally, before I close the live blog...which has been fun for me but incredibly exhausting...today is the 50th anniversary of the tragic plane crash that took the lives of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper. Of course, I didn't take pictures of any of them but I do have a connection with another musician I photographed.

Waylon Jennings was in Holly's back-up band at the time but gave up his seat on the Beechcraft Bonanza to the Big Bopper, who was suffering from the flu at the time. The crash and his escape from death haunted Waylon for years and years. Personally, I'm glad he wasn't on the plane (I wish none of them were) because Waylon was one of my favorite photo subjects...we had a special connection that resulted in some really great pictures. Here's one of 'em...

June 15, 1937 - February 13, 2002

Rest in Peace.

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