Monday, February 16, 2009

Just When I Had Nothing To Post

Other than these three things: Sinus headache. Stomach ache. Rain. Which I wouldn't post for obvious reasons such as 'who cares?' But then this other thing happened that still has me scratching my head.

I had a couple of desks I needed to get rid of before tomorrow, because I have a bunch more people coming over for another pitch meeting.

The desks looked something like this...

One of the desks had been an eye sore standing upright on my front porch for a few weeks, waiting for me to sell it or whatever. On Saturday I finally threw an ad up on the FREE section of Craigslist and immediately got responses. The first guy that was going to come by lost his ride. Then someone else didn't show. We ended up putting them on the street next to the curb on Sunday. But everybody flaked. Nobody came to take them away.

Then the rain came. The desks got majorly rained on half the night and all morning but, finally, a guy emailed me today and said he would pick them up at lunch. I checked around 2pm and sure enough he'd been by. Except he only took one of the desks. Ack. I have to admit the one he left behind had been sitting outside through the last three rain storms. It was pretty funky and bordering on warped. I began thinking to myself...what the F am I going to do with it? How the hell am I going to dispose of it? Am I going to have to dismantle the whole thing? Yuck. Why can't someone stop by and pick the damn thing up?

It was right about then that the dogs began to bark due to a commotion outside. Wow, I think someone is loading up that desk. I quickly look out the window and, sure enough, someone had taken care of the desk. Just not in the way I expected...the desk was pulverized.... a woman in a Nissan. How did this happen? She seemed pretty disoriented. She asked me what that thing was and why it was in the street. I told her it was a desk and was at the curb, not in the street. She said she didn't see it. I asked if she was trying to park. She said no. So, how the hell did you run into a desk that was parked at the curb? She said her window was fogged. You didn't think to defog your window before you put your car on the street? Obviously not.

The woman's car had some damage down the passenger side that included a tinge of red. But I was more concerned for her. I asked her if she was okay, thinking she must have blacked out or had a mini stroke. I was trying to convince her to see a doctor, just in case.

Then the people in the background of the photo walked over. Turns out they knew her. She's their realtor and they own a rental house down the street. They'd just had a meeting with her and they were all going to go to dinner. I told them that they needed to make sure she goes to a doctor to have herself checked out. And then they fessed up that they saw her side swipe a red car parked about a quarter of a block back.

Well, that's not good. She didn't even realize she hit a parked car and then she missed the next two parked cars but swerved completely out of her way and killed my desk. Killed it dead. She definitely needs to have her head examined. I mean she seemed pretty dazed and out of it wandering around and trying to grok what she'd done.

The man told me that was her normal demeanor...but they did promise one of them would drive her home. They also promised they would urge her to see a doctor. The above picture was taken when they were all leaving. She's getting into the driver's seat of her car. They didn't drive her home. And I don't expect they are going to even suggest she see a doctor.

Residents of Los Angeles, heed my warning. If you see a crazy bleach blonde in her sixties driving a silver Nissan with a red stripe on the passenger side that has nothing to do with racing...avoid her at all costs. Especially if her window is fogged.

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