Friday, February 06, 2009

Carl Wilson

Eleven years ago today Beach Boy Carl Wilson lost his battle with cancer. What an amazing talent he was and what an incredible legacy of music he left. The music he did with his brothers and the original Beach Boys resonates to this day...not only with those of us who were lucky enough to see them and hear their records back in the day, but also with the generations that followed. And I expect Carl's contribution to music will continue to inspire generations to come. The Beach Boys are timeless.

This is a video I hadn't seen's an interview with Dick Clark followed by a solo (as in not with the Beach Boys) of a song called Heaven...which I thought was appropriate for this day since he has the voice of an angel and I expect he is singing in heaven...

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Steve B said...

I had the good fortune to see them just once, back in '74, at a Day On The Green concert in S.F., with the Dead, Commander Cody and NRPS. By then Carl had pretty much filled Brian's shoes onstage, and he sang "Dan't Worry, Baby" every bit as well as Brian ever did. It was my first time in Cal. and I was thrilled to see them, and the Dead, in their home state!