Wednesday, February 11, 2009

When You Go

After we spent a couple of hours checking out my new digs* at in La Quinta...

The front of my house.

I'm definitely going to have to learn to play piano now that I have a baby grand.

My beautiful bedroom.

My favorite room - a kitchen/family/hangout room to die for.

A bit of my backyard. brother and I headed over to visit our stepmother who has been bedridden for several years. I had stopped in to see her last year when I was here for the Palm Springs Book Festival and just before her kids moved her out of her house (where she needed full time care) into the home of the lady who was giving her the FT care. The last time I saw her I did all the talking and she did all the mumbling. The only word I managed to decipher during my one hour visit was 'holiday'.

The bro' was certain he could 'wake' her up by playing her a song on his guitar. I doubted him. Big time. I'd seen her last year. He hadn't seen her for two and a half years.

Of course when he goes to pull his guitar out if its case, he realizes he forgot to bring the key. After the stepmother's caregiver came up with whatever pointy objects she had in the house (she didn't have a bobby pin which means she wouldn't have had a hope in hell on Let's Make A Deal) her husband finally comes up with a weird tiny curved pointy plier gizmo and the concert is back on.

I sit on the empty bed next to the stepmother's bed, facing the bro' who sits in a chair. I had no intention whatsoever of taking a picture -- definitely not the way I want to remember the stepmother -- but when my brother started playing a song he wrote called When You Go and I looked at him and saw this picture, I couldn't resist ...

Here's the chorus of the song...

When you go

May you walk in starlight
The full moon cast a shadow of your soul
Know that we're always there beside you
You'll never be alone out on your road
When you go**

A bit of a tearjerker under the circumstances...go to listen to the song.

Oh shit, I forgot to mention what happened when he played for her. During the two songs he sang, she actually smiled and laughed. Afterward, she spoke to the extent that I could make out a couple of full sentences. Happily, we made her happy. Which was well worth it even if it was only for a few minutes.

And the lesson learned? Tell the people you love that you love them in case the day comes when you can't. Or they can't hear it.

*Sadly, this part of the post is a complete fabrication. But a walk through the show homes was certainly an inspiration to move myself up a few notches on the food chain.

**© John Chesher


Steve B said...

Boy, I'll bet those are some pricey digs! That's a lot of house. If I had Merv's money I'd buy one. What you said is so true. Life can change in an instant. That was a cool thing your brother did. Oh, btw, you need to fix the link to his Myspace - it's spelled wrong;)

Chesher Cat said...

You can probably get that house for 1.5M. If you get it don't forget to invite me to the housewarming. I already know how to get there.

Steve B said...

You'd be on the short list ;)