Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar® Hangover

Yes. I had a glass of wine.

I was doing really well on my picks through the first part of the show. I think I began to tank about halfway through. At least that's when I stopped keeping track. So, let me take stock now.

Best Picture - Correct
Best Director - Correct
Original Screenplay - Correct
Adapted Screenplay - Correct
Best Actor - Oops, WRONG.
Best Actress - Correct
Best Supporting Actor - Correct (Loved the acceptance speech)
Best Supporting Actress - Correct
Foreign Language Film - WRONG (That was an upset)
Animated Feature - Correct
Documentary Feature - Correct
Short Film Animated - WRONG (Another upset)
Short Film Live Action - Correct
Documentary Short - WRONG (How could they ignore MLK?)
Original Score - Correct
Original Song - WRONG (OK so the Academy could tell the songs bad)
Art Direction - Correct
Cinematography - Correct
Costume Design - Correct
Make-up - Correct
Sound Mixing - WRONG (Fine...give another one to the Slumdog)
Sound Editing - Correct (That makes two for The Batman, but they shoulda got the mixing too)
Visual Effects - Correct
Film Editing - Correct

I got 18 correct and 6 wrong. 75% right. What's that in school ? B+? Meh. Shoulda done better. I am impressed that I went 7 for 8 in the technical categories.

The show itself? It was just OK.

I liked the stage with the sparkly frame around it. I like sparkly things.

About ten minutes in I thought I was watching the Tony Awards.

The five actor/actress presenters talking to each nominee was a teacher commenting on your oral report. I prefer a film clip.

The film montages showing bits from all the '08 movies were pedestrian, except James Franco in the comedies one was cute as could be.

Kunio Kato had the best acceptance speech.

Do all the women going to the Oscars call each other to see what they're wearing? There was way to much cream and brown...not exactly glitzy colors. When I go, I'll probably wear black and slinky...with diamonds. Sparkle, sparkle.

The best part of the night? Hanging out at the Benson's.

Fun folks:

That's hostess Shawna second from the left dazzling us in her stunning blue gown.

The scrump-deli-icious food...

That's hostess Julie tearing up the red carpet in her sexy black number.

And lastly, the quintessential Joker wins gold...

That's it from Hollywood. Now go out and make your own Oscar® winning film. That's what I'm going to do.

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